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Insider Secrets Uncovered in FBI Bettig Investigation

You can trace your family roots back to German soldiers who called this city of Bethel their home until WW II. The German military called the area Bethel-Heimertel, which means " battlefield place." For the descendants of your German ancestors, there are 55 military documents available for the first name Bettig.

A special type of license plate is available for those whose ancestors served the German military. It was created by Professor Bettig. This license plate is displayed in the police department's records. In addition to this plate, there is an obituary listing for a professor named Bettig, who died in 1970 at the age of 67. According to the obituary Bettig was a professor at Munich University. His family immigrated to Germany in the aftermath of the Second World War. He was well-known as a translator and interpreter who worked with resistance members.

According to the story in the newspaper, the retired Bettig was questioned by police detectives for his statement regarding the alleged killers. Bettig stated that one UFA007 of the suspects was also his neighbor, a German who had lived with Bettig for many years. The retired professor told police detectives he never imagined anyone other than himself of being the suspect. He said one of the suspects was a friend of his brother who was a convicted murderer.

After the bodies of two men were discovered in the city's southwest corner, Bettig, a retired police officer, was again questioned. Police say they do not know if the bodies are those of two suspects, or of witnesses. The former professor told the police that he had seen the bodies, but thought it was another crime scene. The investigation went on. The investigation continued. Police say that the former professor confessed to helping to dispose of the bodies on November 1.

Police Chief Richard Isler says one of the reasons Bettig is being suspected in the case is because his car showed up at the quarry shortly after the bodies were found. Isler says the car is his, and he suspects it belongs to the suspects in the case. Isler says the professor has admitted that he knew the men dead when he saw his car. The police are still trying to determine whether the Prof. Bettig is telling the truth about his involvement in the baffling murder mystery.

According to the Associated Press, a former fellow adjunct professor of physics at Bethel College, Robert Bettig, said in an interview with reporters that the Prof. was being hounded by the press for saying he knew the two suspects. Bettig claimed that the Prof. told Bettig that the two were staying at his house and that he had last seen them on Sept. 10.


Bettig said the Prof. told him he last saw the two men during a study session. The Prof. said that he didn't recognize the two suspects. The police also have run a check on Bettig, the only employee of the college, and found he had no criminal record.

Authorities are trying to figure out what might have led Bettig to meet the two men. They do know that Bettig's car left the crime scene. Bettig said he doesn't know how long he will remain in the hospital but that he is fine.

The Prof. is currently in stable condition, but has been unable to speak and is facing dire consequences, according to his attorney. The chief of police and the defense attorney are asking the judge to dismiss Bettig's charges due to insufficient evidence. The defense attorney claims there is enough evidence against Bettig, which includes surveillance videotape, to have a reasonable doubt that he is guilty. The forensic pathologist who is performing autopsies on the bodies says the wounds inflicted on the victims are consistent with those of a gun-shot, and the fingerprints on the weapons found at the scene are his. Authorities say the autopsies and blood tests are inconclusive.

Bettig has also been questioned numerous times by the FBI about his relationship with Richard Glossip, who is the alleged author of the Times Square shooting, and about how much money bettig made from the transaction. FBI agents are investigating whether Bettig assisted Glossip in his finances. Glossip is currently being held without bail and could face up to 20 years imprisonment if convicted.

Bettig Betts is Richard Glossip’s friend and co-worker at the "L.A. Times." The answer is: A lot. Richard Glossip is said to be rich and connected, and Bettigs' attorney, Carl H. Rehoboth, is quoted as saying, "Bettig is very much part of this circle. Richard Glossip is a friend. Richard Glossip is a co-worker."